Weight Changes

This page contains references to publications which dynamically update the weight of links. The list is ordered by year of publication and then by the first author's last name.


Aoki2012 — T. Aoki, T. Aoyagi: Scale-Free Structures Emerging from Co-Evolution of a Network and the Distribution of a Diffusive Resource on It


Carletti2010 — T. Carletti, D. Fanelli, S. Righi: On the evolution of a social network.
Do2010 — A.-L. Do, L. Rudolf, T. Gross: Patterns of cooperation: fairness and coordination in networks of interacting agents.
Li2010 — M. Li, S. Guan, C-H Lai: Spontaneous formation of dynamical groups in an adaptive networked system.
Zhu2010 — J.-F. Zhu, M. Zhao, W. Yu, C. Zhou, B.-H. Wang: Better synchronizability in generalized adaptive networks.


Meisel2009 — C. Meisel, T. Gross: Self-organized criticality in a realistic model of adaptive neural networks.
Mogielski2009 — K. Mogielski, T. PÅ‚atkowski: A mechanism of dynamical interactions for two-person social dilemmas.


Pestelacci2008 —E. Pestelacci, M. Tomassini, L. Luthi: Evolution of cooperation and coordination in a dynamically networked society.



Zhou2006 - C. Zhou, J. Kurths: Dynamical weights and enhanced synchronization in adaptive complex networks.





Ito2002 - J. Ito, K. Kaneko: Spontaneous structure formation in a network of chaotic units with variable connection strengths.


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