This page contains a list of publications on adaptive networks. The list is ordered by year of publication and then by the first authors last name.


Aoki2012 — T. Aoki, T. Aoyagi: Scale-Free Structures Emerging from Co-Evolution of a Network and the Distribution of a Diffusive Resource on It
Phelps2012 — S. Phelps: Emergence of social networks via direct and indirect reciprocity


Couzin2011 — I. D. Couzin, C. C. Ioannou, G. Demirel, T. Gross, C. J. Torney, A. Hartnett, L. Conradt, S. A. Levin, and N. E. Leonard: Uninformed individuals promote democratic consensus in animal groups
Demirel2011 — G. Demirel, R. Prizak, P. N. Reddy, T. Gross: Opinion formation and cyclic dominance in adaptive networks.
Herrera2011 — J.L. Herrera, M.G. Cosenza, K. Tucci, and J.C. González-Avella: General coevolution of topology and dynamics in networks
Huepe2011 — C. Huepe, G. Zschaler, A.-L. Do, T. Gross:Adaptive-network models of swarm dynamics.
Lagorio2011 — C. Lagorio, M. Dickison, F. Vazquez, L. A. Braunstein, P. A. Macri, M. V. Migueles, S. Havlin, H. E. Stanley: Quarantine generated phase transition in epidemic spreading.
Lee2011 — S. Lee, P. Holme, Z. Wu: Emergent Hierarchical Structures in Multiadaptive Games.
VanSegbroeck2011 — S. Van Segbroeck, F.C. Santos, T. Lenaerts and J.M. Pacheco: Selection pressure transforms the nature of social dilemmas in adaptive networks.
Wang2011 — B. Wang, L. Cao, H. Suzuki, K. Aihara: Epidemic spread in adaptive networks with multitype agents.
Wu2011 — B. Wu, D. Zhou and L. Wang: Evolutionary dynamics on stochastic evolving networks for multiple-strategy games


Almendral2010 — J.A. Almendral, I. Leyva, I. Sendina-Nadal, S. Boccaletti: Interacting oscillators in complex networks: synchronization and the emergence of scale-free topologies.
Boddy2010 — L. Boddy, J. Wood, E. Redman, J. Hynes, M.D. Fricker: Fungal network responses to grazing.
DeLellis2010— P. DeLellis, M. diBernado, F. Garofalo, M. Porfiri: Evolution of complex networks via edge snapping.
Do2010 — A.-L. Do, L. Rudolf, T. Gross: Patterns of cooperation: fairness and coordination in networks of interacting agents.
Funk2010 — S. Funk, M. Salathe, V.A.A. Jansen: Modelling the influence of human behaviour on the spread of infectious diseases: a review
Guerra2010 — B. Guerra, J. Gomez-Gardenes: Annealed and mean-field formulations of disease dynamics on static and adaptive networks.
Han-Shuang2010 — C. Han-Shuang, H. Zhong-Huai, Z. Ji-Qian, X. Hou-Wen: Adaptive co-evolution of strategies and network leading to optimal cooperation level in spatial prisoner's dilemma game.
Jo2010 — H.-H. Jo, H.-K. Lee, H. Park: Collective helping and bystander effects in coevolving helping networks.
Li2010 — M. Li, S. Guan, C-H Lai: Spontaneous formation of dynamical groups in an adaptive networked system.
MacArthur2010 — B.D. MacArthur, R.J. Sánchez-García, A. Ma'ayan: Microdynamics and criticality of adaptive regulatory networks.
Marceau2010 — V. Marceau, P.-A. Noël, L. Hébert-Dufresne, A. Allard, L.J. Dubé: Adaptive networks: coevolution of disease and topology.
Perc2010 — M. Perc, A Szolnoki: Coevolutionary games — a minireview.
Schmittmann2010 — B. Schmittmann, A. Mukhopadhyay: Opinion formation on adaptive networks with intensive average degree.
Schwartz2010 — I.B. Schwartz, L.B. Shaw: Rewiring for adaptation.
Shaw2010 — L.B. Shaw, I.B. Schwartz: Enhanced vaccine control of epidemics in adaptive networks.
Tanimoto2010 — J.Tanimoto: The effect of assortativity by degree on emerging cooperation in a 2×2 dilemma game played on an evolutionary network.
Tero2010 — A. Tero, S. Takagi, T. Saigusa, K. Ito, D.P. Bebber, M.D. Fricker,K. Yumiki, R. Kobayashi, T. Nakagaki: Rules for Biologically Inspired Adaptive Network Design.
VanSegbroeck2010 — S. Van Segbroeck, F. C. Santos, Jorge M. Pacheco: Adaptive contact networks change effective disease infectiousness and dynamics.
Vazquez2010 — F. Vazquez and D. Zanette: Epidemics and chaotic synchronization in recombining monogamous populations.
Volz2010 — E. Volz, S.D.W. Frost, R. Rothenberg, L.A. Meyers: Epidemiological bridging by injection drug use drives an early HIV epidemic.
Wu2010 — B. Wu, D. Zhou, Q. Luo, L. Wang, A. Traulsen: Evolution of cooperation on stochastic dynamical networks.
Zhong2010 — L.-X. Zhong, F. Ren, T. Qiu, J.-R. Xu, B.-H. Chen, C.-F. Liu: Effects of attachment preferences on coevolution of opinions and networks
Zhu2010 — J.-F. Zhu, M. Zhao, W. Yu, C. Zhou, B.-H. Wang: Better synchronizability in generalized adaptive networks.
Zschaler2010 — G. Zschaler, A. Traulsen, T. Gross: A homoclinic route to asymptotic full cooperation in adaptive networks and its failure.


Aoki2009 — T. Aoki, T. Aoyagi: Co-evolution of phases and connection strengths in a network of phase oscillators.
Benczik2009 — I. J. Benczik, S. Z. Benczik, B. Schmittmann, R. K. P. Zia: Opinion dynamics on an adaptive random network.
Biely2009 — C. Biely, R. Hanel, S. Thurner: Socio-economical dynamics as a solvable spin system on co-evolving networks.
Chen2009 — X. Chen, F. Fu, L. Wang: Social tolerance allows cooperation to prevail in an adaptive environment.
DeLellis2009 — P. DeLellis, M. diBernardo, F. Garofalo: Novel decentralized adaptive strategies for the synchronization of
complex networks.

Fu2009 — F. Fu, T. Wu, L. Wang: Partner switching stabilizes cooperation in coevolutionary prisoner's dilemma.
Graeser2009 — O. Gräser, C. Xu, P.M. Hui: Disconnected-connected network transitions and phase separation driven by co-evolving dynamics.
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Kun2009 — Á. Kun, I. Scheuring: Evolution of cooperation on dynamical graphs.
Mandra2009 — S. Mandrà, S. Fortunato, C. Castellano: Coevolution of Glauber-like Ising dynamics and topology.
Meisel2009 — C. Meisel, T. Gross: Self-organized criticality in a realistic model of adaptive neural networks.
Mogielski2009 — K. Mogielski, T. Płatkowski: A mechanism of dynamical interactions for two-person social dilemmas.
Poncela2009 — J. Poncela, J. Gómez-Gardeñes, A. Traulsen, Y. Moreno: Evolutionary game dynamics in a growing structured population.
Prado2009 — F. Prado, A. Sheih, J.D. West, B. Kerr: Coevolutionary cycling of host sociality and pathogen virulence in contact networks.
Qin2009 — S. Qin, G. Zhang, Y. Chen: Coevolution of game and network structure with adjustable linking.
Risau-Gusman2009 — S. Risau-Gusman, D.H. Zanette: Contact switching as a control strategy for epidemic outbreaks.
Sobkowicz2009 — P. Sobkowicz: Studies of opinion stability for small dynamic networks with opportunistic agents.
Szolnoki2009 — A. Szolnoki, M. Perc: Emergence of multilevel selection in the prisoner's dilemma game on coevolving random networks.
Szolnoki2009a — A. Szolnoki, M. Perc: Resolving social dilemmas on evolving random networks.
van Segbroeck2009 — S. van Segbroeck, F.C. Santos, T. Lenaerts, J.M. Pacheco: Reacting differently to adverse ties promotes cooperation in social networks.


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Gross2008a — T. Gross, I.G. Kevrekidis: Robust oscillations in SIS epidemics on adaptive networks: Coarse graining by automated moment closure.
Hu2008 — Hu K., Tang Y.: Information diffusion on adaptive network.
Kimura2008 — D. Kimura, Y. Hayakawa: Coevolutionary networks with homophily and heterophily.
Kozma2008 — B. Kozma, A. Barrat: Consensus formation on adaptive networks.
Nardini2008 — C. Nardini, B. Kozma, A. Barrat: Who's talking first? Consensus or lack thereof in coevolving opinion formation models.
Pestelacci2008 —E. Pestelacci, M. Tomassini, L. Luthi: Evolution of cooperation and coordination in a dynamically networked society.
Poncela2008 — J. Poncela, J. Gómez-Gardeñes, L. M. Floría, A. Sánchez, Y. Moreno: Complex cooperative networks from evolutionary preferential attachment.
Rohlf2008 — T. Rohlf: Self-organization of heterogeneous topology and symmetry breaking in networks with adaptive thresholds and rewiring.
Shaw2008 — L.B. Shaw, I.B. Schwartz: Fluctuating epidemics on adaptive networks.
Suzuki2008 — R. Suzuki, M. Kato, T. Arita: Cyclic coevolution of cooperative behaviors and network structures.
Szolnoki2008 — A. Szolnoki, M. Perc, Z. Danku: Making new connections towards cooperation in the prisoner's dilemma game.
van Segbroeck2008 — S. van Segbroeck, F.C. Santos, A. Nowé, J.M. Pacheco, T. Lenaerts: The evolution of prompt reaction to adverse ties.
Vazquez2008 — F. Vazquez, V.M. Eguíluz, M. San Miguel: Generic absorbing transition in coevolution dynamics.
Yang2008 — P. Yang, R.A. Freeman, K.M. Lynch: Multi-agent coordination by decentralized estimation and control.
Zanette2008 — D.H. Zanette, S. Risau-Gusmán: Infection spreading in a population with evolving contacts.


Abdallah2007 — S. Abdallah, V. Lesser: Multiagent reinforcement learning and self-organization in a network of agents.
Biely2007 — C. Biely, K. Dragosits, S. Thurner: The prisoner’s dilemma on co-evolving networks under perfect rationality.
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Zhou2006 — C. Zhou, J. Kurths: Dynamical weights and enhanced synchronization in adaptive complex networks.


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