Evolution of complex networks via edge snapping

P. DeLellis, M. diBernado, F. Garofalo, M. Porfiri:
IEEE Transaction on circuits and systems I 57 (8), 2132, 2010.

In this paper, we present a novel adaptive strategy for consensus and synchronization of complex networks. The strategy is inspired by bistable phenomena that are observed in a variety of mechanical systems. The novelty is that the adaptation involves the topology of the network itself rather than its coupling gains. In particular, we model the evolution of each coupling gain as a second order dynamical system that is subject to the action of a doublewell potential. Through a new mechanism, termed as edge snapping, an unweighted network topology emerges at steady state. We assess the stability properties of the proposed scheme through analytical methods and numerical investigations.We conduct an extensive numerical study of the topological properties of the emerging network to elucidate the correlation between the initial conditions
of the nodes’ dynamics and the network structure.

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