How to add a personal profile

If you wish you can add a personal profile, such as a brief CV or a links to the abstracts of your publications to this page.
This has two purposes. First, if you chose a username that cannot be linked to your person we encourage you to create a profile to let us know who you are. Second, other users can watch your profile page to receive automatic notifications whenever it is changed. If you update your profile by adding links to new papers when they appear, users watching your profile will receive the coresponding notification.

To create a profile page:

  • click on people in the top bar menu.
  • edit the people page. By placing a new link by adding a line in the same format as the other entries on the page. In particular do not forget to include people: in the link.
  • Click on the newly created link and create the page.
  • Now add whatever you like to tell us.

Please note that wikidot detects email addresses and encrypts them. If you chose to put your email address on your page you can be reasonably confident that spammers wont find it.

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