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This paper is frequently confused with "Coevolutionary Games on Networks" by the same authors, which also appeared 2002. In contrast to "Evolutionary Games …" the "Coevolutionary games …" do not describe an adaptive network. To my knowledge the fully adaptive "Evolutionary Games …" was never published in a Journal. Nevertheless the preprint was cited in several subsequent publications.

Dont confuse this one by Thilo GrossThilo Gross, 17 Nov 2009 09:06

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At first glance this paper seems to deal with dynamics on a static network. However, note that the lookup-tables that govern the dynamics of a node can evolve to a state where the input from one or more links is ignored. Because this is equivalent to cutting of the link, the model should therefore be considered as an adaptive network.

Variable Topology by Thilo GrossThilo Gross, 16 Nov 2009 18:53

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if there are no objections the adaptive networks wiki will be made publically accessible next monday (2009-11-23). Write access will remain limited to registered members of the wiki.


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Self-organized criticality, first noted in this paper, was explored in more detail two years later in Bornholdt2000a, and several subsequent publications. Christensen et al. thereby inspired a line of research that remains interesting more than 10 years after the publication.

Adaptive SOC by Thilo GrossThilo Gross, 12 Nov 2009 13:16
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