Finite-size scaling

This page contains references to publications using finite-size scaling analysis for adaptive networks. The list is ordered by year of publication and then by the first author's last name.


Jo2010 — H.-H. Jo, H.-K. Lee, H. Park: Collective helping and bystander effects in coevolving helping networks.


Kimura2008 — D. Kimura, Y. Hayakawa: Coevolutionary networks with homophily and heterophily.
Rohlf2008 — T. Rohlf: Self-organization of heterogeneous topology and symmetry breaking in networks with adaptive thresholds and rewiring.


Holme2006 — P. Holme, M.E.J. Newman: Nonequilibrium phase transition in the coevolution of networks and opinions.


Bornholdt2000 — S. Bornholdt, T. Rohlf: Topological evolution of dynamic networks: global criticality from local dynamics.

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