Should I add my paper?

There is an abstract page for one of my papers, but I can't edit it.
For various reasons including safety and intellectual property rights only the creators of abstract pages can edit them. For transfer of creator status please contact Thilo Gross (ed.gpm.skp|ssorg#ed.gpm.skp|ssorg)

The email notifications are annoying!
Just click on stop watching this site in the bottom right corner of the window and they will be gone. If you want you can watch specific pages so that you can get a notification for instance when a paper is added in a certain category

I am afraid that I cause some damage when I start editing pages.
Don't worry everything can be restored. Easily.

Can I invite others to become members?
Yes please do so, the link is in the left menu.

Who can see what I put on pages?
At present only registered users. Once more content has been added it will be opened to the public. However, editing will stay restricted to registered members.

Can everybody edit my abstracts/profile that I put on the wiki?
No, pages that are starting with paper: or people: can only be edited by their owner or one of the moderators. All other pages can be edited by all registered members. All registered users can leave comments/questions on abstract pages using the discussion feature.

What if I have a different question?
Write me (ed.gpm.skp|ssorg#ed.gpm.skp|ssorg). Or post it in the forum.

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